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Creating an Excellent Working Environment

ULVAC, Inc. is creating a working environment in which employees can demonstrate their strengths and originality while enhancing their productivity, and furthermore we are developing conditions and programs that minimize the impact of life events, so that diverse human resources can flourish and perform well.

Retention of human resources and transfer of technological expertise

Mindful that technological innovation is triggered by the integration of accumulated technology, new knowledge, and creativity, ULVAC, Inc. emphasizes the retention of employees and the transfer of technological expertise. For example, we conduct a questionnaire survey of new employees six months after they join ULVAC, Inc. and their superiors, and if gaps in recognition are revealed, steps are soon taken to resolve the issue. Moreover, the system for rehiring senior employees after mandatory retirement is contributing to the transfer of technological expertise from skilled engineers to the next generation.

Systems for supporting childcare

With the aim of creating a workplace where employees can achieve a balance between work and childcare, in fiscal 2018, ULVAC, Inc. introduced support systems that go beyond the statutory requirements. Childcare leave can be taken until the first April 30 after the child reaches two years of age. The short working hours system for childcare is available for employees who have a child up to the third grade in elementary school. All employees who took childcare leave have returned to work.

Improvement of systems for flexible workstyles

In addition to the staggered working hour system and the flextime system, which have been available, ULVAC, Inc. has introduced an annual paid leave system whereby a portion of the leave can be taken by the hour (up to a maximum of 40 hours per year). Thus, systems for more flexible workstyles have been established.

Human Resources Data (non-consolidated)

Promotion of Health Management

ULVAC, Inc.'s corporate creed states, "People determine whether the company will prosper or fail." To put our Basic Corporate Philosophy into practice and contribute to the development of industry and science, we must make further progress in creating an environment in which each individual employee is healthy in mentally and physically, full of vitality and able to demonstrate his or her capabilities to the fullest.

ULVAC, Inc. aims to be a company where "each employee has a dream, work is fun, and everyone looks forward to going to work", and the president, the Chief Health Promotion Officer, the general manager of the General Administration & Personnel Department, and occupational health physicians and occupational health nurses act in unison to promote health management with the objective of "enhancing human qualities."

Priority Activity 1 Boosting Employee Motivation

In the belief that enhancing the personal qualities of the executives and managers who form the backbone of the organization is closely linked with enabling employees to personally experience the meaning of work and to feel that each individual applies his or her strengths and is valued, ULVAC, Inc. provides executives and managers with training on the meaning of work, self understanding assisted by psychological tests, and psychological safety.

In addition, ULVAC, Inc. utilizes its own organizational health survey to periodically conduct organization vitalization training in which executives come join forces to consider together policies and measures for creating workplaces where each employee has a dream, work is fun, and everyone looks forward to going to work.

In fact, scores in an organizational health survey of employees at divisions that participated in organization vitalization training have improved following the training (Figure 1). ULVAC, Inc. is enhancing employee motivation through these activities.

  • Fig. 1 The organizational health survey was administered at the time of application for a health check. At departments that conducted organization vitalization training, the percentage of employees who answered "5. Strongly agree" or "4. Agree" to each question (5-point rating scale) has increased since the training began.

Priority Activity 2 Laying a Foundation for Increasing Vigor in Work

We believe that inculcating appropriate exercise habits not only prevents illness, but also leads to increases in employee memory retention, mental capacity, and concentration.

To instill exercise habits, we have held events such as the Walking Rally Workplace Competition and UL fit's RUN (a relay race held on company premises).

The results of analysis of the findings of ULVAC's organizational health survey indicate that scores for work engagement (UWES*1), which measures vigor, dedication, and absorption in work, are high among employees who answered that they have regular exercise habits (Fig. 2).

*1 The Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (Work engagement is thought to be related to psychological health improvement and productivity enhancement. Source for detailed information (in Japanese): Akihito Shimazu Laboratory, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University / URL:

Fig.2 Comparison of status of exrcise habits and work engagement scores(mean values)

ULVAC, Inc. was commended for these activities and has been recognized as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500) for two consecutive years, and ULVAC EQUIPMENT SALES, Inc. has also been recognized as a certified Health and Productivity Management Organization.

ULVAC will continue integrated group wide promotion of health management activities.

Future Measures and Outlook

A survey by Gallup, Inc., a public opinion survey and consulting firm, finds that when organizations with high engagement scores and those with low engagement scores are compared, it is evident that organizations with high scores have excellent results for performance indicators such as productivity and earnings.
(State of the Global Workplace Report, Gallup, Inc.) Since fiscal 2013, ULVAC, Inc. has included questions concerning employee engagement ("Do you understand the role expected of you?" "Do you feel valued in the workplace?" etc.) among the indices in the ULVAC organizational health survey, and scores are gradually improving through the abovementioned activities.

We think that for the purpose of putting the Basic Corporate Philosophy into practice and contributing to the development of industry and science in a business field in which the pace of change will further accelerate, it is important to create mechanisms that will increase engagement and enable each employee to further personally experience the meaning of work. For this reason, going forward, we will enhance our health management measures.

In fiscal 2019, in addition to existing measures, such as organization vitalization training for managers and walking rallies for all employees, we will launch new initiatives. Specifically, we will promote mutual improvement of problem-solving skills for complex problems, enhancement of human qualities, and organizational development by holding a Mistake and Setback Case Study Review Meeting as a regular event for managers to experience a simulation of such cases. Also, we will continue to focus on engagement in essential health and productivity management measures, such as the provision of "Power Lunches--Meals to Increase Afternoon Concentration" utilizing the employee cafeteria, which is used by more than 90% of employees.

Comment from the President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Amid the growing trend toward the smart society, ULVAC continues to pursue technological innovation. In the belief that it is our people who get things done and that it is health and family that support our people, we will continue to promote health management as an important management priority for realizing sustained growth and enhancement of corporate value.

    Setsuo Iwashita
    President and Chief Executive Officer

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