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ULVAC global production system delivers high quality, stable and low cost supply of sputtering targets and various vapor depositon materials by making maximum use of its best features as an equipment manufacturer. ULVAC facilities also include the Institute for Super Materials which is a professional R&D facility for new materials. ULVAC also works closely with nearby production plants to support a broad range of needs ranging from trial production of samples for next-generation materials, to material supply, and technical consultations on mass production line operation.

Sputtering Targets

To develop and produce high quality sputtering targets, ULVAC carefully evaluates which manufacturing method to use for each material to meet the product quality goals “Low particle” “Good film uniformity” “High usage efficiency”.

High Performance Materials

ULVAC performs welding processing (electron beam welding) such as Ta, Nb, Ti, Zr in the dry box highly managed the atmosphere or in the dry box under vacuum condition.

Nano-metal Ink

NANOMETAL INKs are produced by the Gas Evaporation Method. These newly developed inks consist of metal nanoparticles dispersed stably and not aggregated in some organic solvent. The inks enable to form electro-conductive fine patterns directly by printing processes such as ink-jet printing.

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