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Human Rights

We believe that consideration for human rights is an important management issue for further global business development. We will support international norms and strengthen promotion of the protection of and respect for human rights.

Approach to Human Rights

We will support international norms on human rights, and respect basic human rights based on the laws and regulations of each country and region.
ULVAC has signed the UN Global Compact, which is a global initiative advocated by the United Nations, and is promoting initiatives in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption based on "The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact" that are universal principles to be adhered to by companies in these four areas.
ULVAC has established the standards for employees to follow in its Corporate Code of Conduct.
The Corporate Code of Conduct specifies the policy of protecting human rights by respecting human rights and prohibiting all forms of discrimination, and serves as a guideline on whether employees' operations infringe upon human rights. Furthermore, it specifies policies on respecting the personality and individuality of employees, and on creating workplaces offering job satisfaction along with the Basic Policy for Human Resources Development. Furthermore, it stipulates the provision of safe products and services to customers by engaging in safety and health activities based on laws and regulations, complying with safety standards and performing risk assessment of our products.

Corporate Code of Conduct

7. Respect for Employees' Personality and Individuality

Based on the respect for personality and the individuality of each of our employees, ULVAC will make an effort to upgrade and maintain the personnel system, labor conditions, and the fluid system wherein workers may achieve affluence and a sense of accomplishment. Also, we will evaluate personnel objectively and fairly, fostering creative human resources with expertise and rich individuality at the same time.

9. Respect for Human Rights and Nondiscriminatory Treatment

ULVAC will assure a healthy work environment where both harassment and discrimination are never acceptable for reasons of race, credo, complexion, sex, religion, nationality, language, bodily features and description, handicap or not propertied or not, location or birthplace and sexuality . Also ULVAC will take no involvement in forced labor and child labor. ULVAC will especially strive to prevent sexual harassment, coercion, abuse, or harassing behavior by taking advantage of workplace authority and job function (harassment through official authority). In the event of such a problem, we will immediately and promptly start an investigation to take resolute action for relief of the victim and prevention of a recurrence.

11. Compliance with Laws or Ordinances

5. Law on Occupational Health
With the cooperation of all employees, ULVAC will perform health and safety activity through risk assessment and will ensure compliance to the occupational safety and health related laws and ULVAC occupational health and safety relevant provisions. ULVAC will provide safe products and services to users implementing product risk assessment and ensure compliance to various safety standards.

Reporting and Consultation Desk for Human Rights Issues

We have adopted a whistleblowing system operated through the Manager of the Internal Auditing Department, which is an independent body.
The Compliance Committee will implement appropriate measures with adequate consideration for confidentiality, anonymity and protection of whistleblowers, and strive to promptly resolve issues and prevent their recurrence.

Freedom of Association

ULVAC promises to conclude labor agreements with labor unions and sincerely work together to adhere to these for the establishment and development of labor-management relations based on mutual faith and trust. Furthermore, we engage in close dialogue with labor unions on management plans and measures, in addition to labor conditions.

Supply Chain Initiatives

We endeavor to comply with the RBA Code of Conduct, which is a CSR promotion group focused on the electronics industry. In addition to implementing, evaluating and correcting self-evaluations and thoroughly managing labor hours in major production bases, we will ask business partners to work with us as we engage in initiatives. Along with the implementation of questionnaire surveys mainly for major business partners, we have incorporated the questionnaire items into the evaluation at the time of registration and periodic renewal. Furthermore, we have established a policy on the handling of conflict minerals and conduct due diligence.

Due Diligence on Human Rights

We will incorporate international norms into policies as well as build human rights due diligence processes according to these procedures, making an effort to further ensure awareness, prevention, responses and relief mechanisms to address the negative effects of business activities on human rights.

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