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Research and Development Institutes

ULVAC Group think tank that solves multi-faceted problems with future equipment, processes and materials.

Institute of Advanced Technology

(ULVAC Head Office/Plant in Chigasaki, Kanagawa)

  • It was reborn as the " Institute of Advanced Technology " in April 2020. Aiming at the realization of innovative next-generation manufacturing technology aiming for high functionality, high reliability, and high productivity of various equipment through future mechatronics technology, simulation technology, and analysis technology, including equipment, film formation technology, and material development is in progress.

(In Susono, Shizuoka)

  • Susono focuses on the development of next-generation semiconductor manufacturing technologies including state-of-the-art Cu metallization technology and emerging nonvolatile memory technology as well as next-generation environment and energy related technologies such as LEDs, power devices with an eye to finding the optimal combination of manufacturing equipment, processes and materials in order to provide customers with the best manufacturing technology solutions.

(In Tomisato, Chiba)

  • Tomisato develops thin-film deposition processes for a wide range of fields including FPDs, electronic parts, and various films, as well as oxide semiconductors and metal materials for wiring.

Future Technology Research Laboratory,
ULVAC-Osaka University Joint Research Laboratory for Future Technology
(Osaka University Suita Campus)

  • The Future Technology Research Laboratory was established in July 2015 to develop long-term growth seeds, pursuing provision of the materials and technologies that can innovate on next-generation devices and the revolutionary technologies that can solve the global environmental and energy issues.

    Since 2018,Through Osaka University's industry-academia collaboration framework, the Joint Research Lab aims to promote mutual exchange among researchers and build an R&D network, contribute to scientific advancement and the resolution of technical issues in the medical engineering field, and develop highly creative university human resources.

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