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Risk Management

The ULVAC Group considers that responding appropriately to increasingly complex and diverse risk factors leads to the creation of governance structures that contribute to the fulfillment of legal requirements and the creation of internal control structures, and by extension, the medium to long term improvement of corporate value.

We are expanding systems that can respond appropriately to risk factors through identification, classification, analysis, and evaluation, and we are working to increase corporate value by reflecting them in our management strategy.

Risk Management System

We have established rules concerning the risk management system, classifying a broad range of risks from various perspectives, and designated the control offices primarily responsible for risk management according to the classification of risks. Furthermore, these risk control offices identify more specific risks and respond to them. We work to ensure that these offices efficiently gather important information in operating the risk management system. In addition, in order to share and evaluate information concerning the operation of the risk management system on a company-wide basis, we have a Risk Management Committee, which is chaired by the president, and mainly comprises representatives of the risk control offices with primary responsibility for risk management. The Risk Management Committee holds regular twice-yearly meetings as an umbrella organization for risk management, and it determines company-wide basic policies, monitors the state of management and administration, and considers any improvements that can be made, etc. Furthermore, initiatives at ULVAC, Inc. are implemented at ULVAC Group companies as appropriate for the scale and business type of the company in question.

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