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ULVAC Research and Development

Ongoing value creation from a medium to long term perspective

ULVAC has long been a source of vacuum-technology-based products and materials indispensable for wide ranging industries. We will continue to promote innovative, pioneering R&D capable of addressing actual and potential needs and create high added value products and technologies, thus contributing to the progress of society.

To continue to provide innovative technologies and products in the everchanging market, our R&D projects undergo selection and focus by making a clear distinction between "development for improvement of existing products" and "development of fundamental technologies in preparation for the future" based on analysis of customer needs and market trends. Moreover, our development structure leverages business partnerships with various companies and research institutions.

We are also striving to equip ourselves with the advanced technologies necessary to respond swiftly to the progress of 5G and IoT in line with the establishment of global network infrastructure and the smart society while flexibly addressing social issues such as global warming and climate change, thus establishing a foundation for long-term sustainable growth.

Principal themes

・Next-generation non-volatile memory 
・High-density packaging
・Electronic devices, MEMS/sensors 
・Hyperfine wiring
・Next-generation displays 
・Power devices
・Next-generation batteries 
・High-efficiency solar cells
・High-functional films
・The environment
・New energy

Global Network

Solution networks offering solutions to support industrial development worldwide

ULVAC has established optimal networks covering development, sales, manufacturing, and services not only for Japan but also for the United States, Europe and Asia.

"Open R&D"

ULVAC conducts R&D near customers and shares the outcomes throughout the Group.

Global production system

ULVAC has an extensive production system in Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan and has established a supply chain for each site.

Regional supply chain

Capital Expenditures and R&D Expenses (Actual and Forecast)

R&D investments (capital expenditures for R&D and R&D expenses) are expected to continue increasing. Active development is ex-pected to lead to future growth, along with efforts in next-generation displays/logic and next-generation non-volatile memory.

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