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Semiconductor Production Equipment

Higher integration and higher performance at lower cost are demanded for next-generation semiconductors and other high performance devices.
Based on its development of super-miniaturization technologies for such semiconductors and other electronic devices, ULVAC delivers a stream of new technologies and products to the world that underpin the progress of society.

Increase market share in the semiconductor production equipment market that is continuing to grow in the smart society

The requirements of semiconductor devices and related components are evolving to support the emergence of IoT's big data demand and servers for edge computing. Growth opportunities are in creasing not only for traditional DRAM and NAND but also for storage class memory consisting of non-volatile memory. Miniaturization is fueling in novation in processor technology.
Amid these technical innovations in semiconductors, in addition to NAND and DRAM memory, ULVAC positions PCRAM and the logic/foundry business as the axles of growth.
We will focus on growth engine keywords: "Miniaturization process requirements," "Nonvolatile memory deposition," "Wafer level package deposition," and "Logic/foundry miniaturization mass production support. "Based on a business growth strategy unique to ULVAC, we will pursue business development different from other major competing equipment manufacturers.

As for mid-term strategic products, we are promoting the development of leading-edge technologies that leverage our strengths in the native oxide removing system and sputtering system.

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