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Human Resource Policies

Based on our employment perspective of "people that share a goal," the ULVAC Group human resource policies focus on providing a place where people and organizations maximize their potential capabilities, while evolving and altering the advantages of the lifetime employment and seniority system.

Unlike the performance system that is often adopted in Western countries, the lifetime employment and seniority system may evoke an image of old constitution even though we run our business on the most-advanced technologies. However, we employ these policies as a result of separation between what should be changed with the times and what should be retained.

The performance system encourages competition in a company and assumes that competitive individuals will surpass the other companies too, while ULVAC considers that a team rather than individuals is the source of the competitiveness that can get ahead of the competitors.

Because we handle the most-advanced technologies, ULVAC has many more experiences of failure than success. What we should avoid as a company is to lose our employees' challenging spirit to overcome those failures. The employees can attempt large projects only when they know that their wages and employment will be protected even if such projects come to nothing.

Our culture is not one where only a few excellent employees play active roles, but one where all the employees work together to make daily challenges. We consider that the potential personnel who are appropriate for our policy should be cooperative and flexible, as well as tough enough to overcome failures even after being beaten.

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