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Human Resources and Organizational Development

To achieve sustained growth, vitalized organizations must serve as a foundation enabling diverse human resources to fully demonstrate their potential. ULVAC will strengthen its management base by actively engaging in organization and human resources development and focusing on cultivating the leaders of tomorrow.

Basic Policy

In recent years, a shift toward the smart society has begun worldwide. With the advent of a wave of technological innovation, global competition is intensifying. Amid such tremendous changes, ULVAC, whose overseas sales account for 60% of total sales, cannot operate business sustainably unless it provides an environment where people with diverse personalities and strengths can maintain physical and mental health, bring their differing capabilities into full play, and enhance one another's capabilities through friendly competition.

At ULVAC, people with different backgrounds, in terms of nationality, ethnicity, philosophy, culture, language, gender, age, and specialty, are flourishing. Respecting such diversity and promoting inclusion, we aim to innovate to resolve customers' and society's issues while continuing to deliver new value that also leads to the personal growth of each employee.

Based on this policy, in 2018, ULVAC, Inc. launched the Human Resource Center, which is under the direct control of the president, to reinforce the development of global human resources capable of thriving in a changing external environment in order to successfully compete in a business environment characterized by dramatic change. Recognizing that the development of a company, technological innovation, and product competitiveness depend on human resources and that people are ULVAC's most important asset, we will implement measures to maximize the value of this critical asset.

ULVAC Basic Policy for Human Resources Development

We are conscious that the most important resources for corporate vitality and competitiveness are the personnel and the organizations in which they work. We are conducting the following human resources development, based on our corporate philosophy and basic management policy.

  • 1. Human resources who respect other individuals, trust each other and fulfill their responsibilities
  • 2. Human resources who can see the true nature of each issue and create revolutionary technologies and projects with passion and tenacity
  • 3. Human resources who are full of aspirations to improve themselves and take voluntary actions to achieve goals
  • 4. Human resources who have a global perspective and aim to take leadership in exploring the world

Groupwide Education and Training

Starting with the introductory program for new employees, ULVAC also provides a program for employees in their third year as well as stratified training programs. Programs include ones designed to enhance motivation and management capabilities according to the roles expected from employees at each organizational level.

ULVAC Academy Portal

We are promoting e-learning throughout ULVAC based on the concept of providing an environment that enables learning anytime anywhere.
Since its launch in 2016, the contents posted on ULVAC Academy Portal have grown to include some 600 items.

Principal contents

  • ● Message from the President
  • ● Video clips of seminars held in ULVAC
  • ● Engineering education on technology, design, manufacturing, etc.
  • ● Mandatory education for onsite employees, such as basic product safety education
  • ● Education on trading and security trade control, etc.

ULVAC Academy Portal now supports Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Over 6,000 ULVAC employees have registered and are using the portal.

Developing the Next Generation of Executives

ULVAC has put in place an education and training framework for developing next generation executives that includes programs on such subjects as the qualities ULVAC leaders should possess and is designed to cover the entire Group cross functionally. Next generation executives and future generation executive candidates receive education and training based on a development plan in accordance with the education and training framework.

Human Resources Rotation

We are vigorously promoting human resources rotation in the Group, especially between ULVAC Head Office and overseas Group companies, as a measure to promote the diversity and inclusion mentioned above. Moreover, by vigorously promoting assignment of ULVAC employees to companies outside the Group on loan and vice versa, we are striving to vitalize human resources and establish human networks while also expecting to achieve innovation through technical exchange.

Holding of Seminars

Since its establishment in 2018, the Human Resource Center has been vigorously holding seminars. It held 50 seminars with a cumulative total of participants exceeding 3,200 employees. These seminars are designed to inspire ULVAC employees to support the realization of the smart society and develop business in new growth markets, without being constrained by conventional businesses.

As mentioned above, as technological innovation is advancing and already bringing about dynamic change, it is crucially important to understand the value ULVAC can offer and embody that value in a vision looking five to ten years ahead. Based on the recognition that the enhancement of ULVAC's corporate value depends on R&D of leading-edge technology, seminars are wide ranging.

In addition to information on leading-edge technology, the trends reshaping industry, and situations of competitors, seminars also cover approaches concerning management, marketing, intellectual property, human resources development, and other topics, as well as case studies to understand how certain companies shifted decisively to growth trajectories. Experts with track records of success in particular fields are actively sought out and invited as external lecturers.

Our expectation is that seminar participants will realize much that they might not encounter or recognize in their daily routine, and this will expand their awareness to be sensitive and proactive to changes in the market, developing human resources capable of seizing the initiative and thriving in a global setting.

Seminars held

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FY2017 FY2018 Total
Engineering and MONODZUKURI 6 11 17
Human resources development 4 9 13
Marketing 1 9 10
Other 6 4 10
Total 17 33 50

Global Manufacturing Technology / Business Improvement Competitions

ULVAC aims to achieve the shared vision of individuals, divisions, the Company, and the Group by vitalizing individuals through their daily work, education and training, seminars, and other means, and by sharing the outcomes and utilizing them as ULVAC's assets.

The aim of the Global Manufacturing Technology Competition is value creation through the improvement and innovation of the value chain process based on the central theme, "Group-wide innovation of production technology to increase value." At the Global Manufacturing Technology Competition, participants present the outcomes (benefits) of their initiatives and processes for resolving issues.

The theme of the Global Business Improvement Competition is "business process improvement applicable throughout the Group." The aim is to create mechanisms and measures to inculcate ULVAC's management policies in day-to-day work, maximize group wide synergy, and strengthen cross organizational functions to support resolution of issues relevant to two or more Group companies. In the Global Business Improvement Competition, participants make presentations on topics such as cost reduction impacts, process improvements to tackle issues, enhancement of operational efficiency and productivity.

Through these competitions, we aim to make all employees aware of the importance of putting the Basic Corporate Philosophy and the Management Policies into practice in their work and linking their work to outcomes that contribute to achieving ULVAC's vision.

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