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Supply Chain

Suppliers are important partners of ULVAC for MONODZUKURI. By linking procurement activities with development and design activities based on the information flow, the ULVAC Group is working to enhance efficiency of the entire supply chain, including suppliers, from the development and design phases while always being conscious of the environment and society.

Communication with Suppliers

ULVAC holds operations briefing meetings once a year as a forum for ULVAC management to directly explain to suppliers the business environment and prospects and supplier meetings three times a year for the person in charge to communicate production plans in a timely manner.

At supplier meetings, ULVAC notified the revision of the Basic Procurement Policy mentioned above as well as initiatives concerning the RBA Code of Conduct and the questionnaire survey. Moreover, in order to reflect suppliers' proposals for improvement of parts manufacturing methods in products and production, we hold technology exchange meetings in which design engineers and personnel in charge of purchasing also participate, as well as new product briefings, as necessary.

  • Operations briefing meeting

Global Production Bases

Taking advantage of their proximity to customers, ULVAC's principal production bases conduct local procurement and seek to optimize procurement as part of their ongoing efforts to establish a global supply chain.

Previously, when suppliers delivered parts for overseas production, all cargo was shipped via ULVAC's Chigasaki Plant.

With the introduction of a new transfer center, suppliers can now directly deliver parts to the center where all the processes from acceptance of delivery to export procedures are handled in an integrated manner, resulting in a great reduction of transportation distances in the supply chain and consequently lower energy consumption and lower exhaust gas emissions.

Global Logistics

Recognized for legal compliance concerning customs clearance procedures and self management of cargo security, ULVAC is certified by Japan Customs as an authorized economic operator (AEO).

To simplify and expedite export customs clearance and prevent trade incidents, ULVAC holds meetings of the Export/Import Management Committee and implements trade risk management.

  • Workshop on trade risk management

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