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Green Procurement

Viewing environmental conservation as one of the highest-priority challenges for humanity, the ULVAC Group is making contributions towards improving environmental conservation, achieving a more livable planet, and enriching all of society by utilizing the technologies that the Group has developed in the past and will develop in the future in all business activities on which it embarks.

Specifically, as stated in in our Environmental Policy:
We will provide products that can contribute to energy conservation, help reduce use of natural resources, and enhance environmental protection in the following ways:
1. Conserve energy, reduce the use of natural resources, and protect the environment during manufacturing processes
2. Conserve energy, reduce the use of natural resources, and protect the environment with our products (systems and components) Based on this, we will consider the environment throughout the life cycles of our products and contribute to the establishment of a circular economy.

If we intend to provide environmentally sustainable products and services, "green procurement" is essential - that is, procurement of materials that impose less of a burden on the environment. Today, there are increasingly stringent legal regulations regarding environmental initiatives in Europe and elsewhere, and social demands for such initiatives are also increasing. The ULVAC Group views green procurement as an important means of achieving environmental policy. We have therefore established these Green Procurement Standards and will promote environmentally sustainable procurement of supplies.

In recognition of the fact that green procurement is an important responsibility that companies should assume, the ULVAC Group is conducting surveys and assessments of suppliers and procured supplies with regard to environmental impact. Implementing such activities is difficult without the consent of our suppliers. We value collaboration with our suppliers and ask for their understanding and cooperation in promoting further collaboration.

These Green Procurement Standards may be revised in light of future changes in laws, regulations, or social trends.

Green Procurement Standard

■Ver.8 (Issued August 2020)


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