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Quality Policy

ULVAC Group Quality Policy

● Improve quality & Reduce Costs and L/T(Lead Time) to half

● Maximize profits and customer satisfaction

Action Policies

  • We comply with all rules and procedures.
  • We do not deliver any nonconforming products to the next process.
  • We observe delivery times to the next process.
  • We commit to the production budget.

Quality Assurance System

38 ULVAC Group companies are ISO9001: 2015 certified. The Global Quality Assurance Committee led by the president of ULVAC, Inc. spearheads a Group-wide effort to align quality policies and are addressing quality issues and deploying improvements globally.

Quality management is promoted by way of thorough analysis of defects that occurred at a process within the process, implementation of recurrence prevention measures, feedback of findings, implementation of preventive measures, and process standardization activities.

The ratio of costs related to nonconformity after delivery to net sales deteriorated in FY 2019 because a defect was found in the reliability evaluation process for development of a certain product. We will analyze the causes, implement measures to prevent recurrence, and share this throughout the Group to achieve total quality management.

Quality Management Education

In order to raise employees' awareness concerning quality at ULVAC, educational materials on quality management for new employees and for employees engaged in engineering, design, and quality assurance are registered on the ULVAC Academy Portal*2 so that they can be accessed remotely. In FY 2019, educational materials offered by external instructors (Grade 3 level of JSA's QC KENTEI (Quality Management and Quality Control Examination)) became newly available. Moreover, in order to develop human resources capable of advocating ULVAC's quality philosophy, we are preparing to design and establish ULVAC's unique quality qualifications and skill enhancement education.

Quality Assurance and Product Safety

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