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Sputtering System
Load-lock type

Multi-chamber Sputtering SystemENTRONTM-EX W300

ENTRONTM-EX makes it possible to combine various stateof-the-art processes such as PVD, CVD, ALD and realizes simple and robust In-Situ process.


  • ENTRONTM-EX is the newest line-up developed based on exsiting ENTRONTM-W300/W200 series in order to achieve high productivity.
  • Up to 8 process chambers (PVD, ALD, CVD, etc.) and 2 chambers (Degas, cool).
  • Mechanical throughput is 100wph or more using by ULVAC original new transfer robot.
  • ENTRONTM-EX S-type(Single core type) is suitable for mini-fab concept and ENTRONTM-EX T-type(Tandem type) is good for mass production, they are flexible for customers' needs.
  • ED-PMS system which monitor and administrate machine condition, and MESEC-BIT, which is no contact film thickness measurement tools.


  • Advanced Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

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