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Conflict Minerals Policy

Since its establishment in 1952, ULVAC, Inc. has been developing its business as a comprehensive manufacturer in electronics and various industries with vacuum as its core, based on its corporate philosophy of “Contributing to industry and science with vacuum technology”. Our main business areas include the manufacture and sale of vacuum apparatus such as manufacturing equipment, various vacuum pumps, and measurement/analysis instruments, that are used for semiconductors, electronics, FPD, solar batteries, cars, pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals and other areas.  Also in the materials area, we manufacture and sell sputtering targets and various tantalum wrought products and others.​
ULVAC, Inc. regards the initiative related to conflict minerals as its corporate social responsibility, and will make efforts to eliminate the use of conflict minerals mined or extracted using illegal funds or illegal methods, as well as products and/or parts containing conflict minerals.​
ULVAC, Inc. shall not purchase or use 3TG and cobalt raw materials derived from conflict areas and high-risk areas (CAHRAs), where mining and trading of these minerals directly or indirectly fund armed groups or cause human rights violation or labor problems, etc.

In the materials sector, we conduct surveys of conflict minerals across the supply chain to assure transparency in transactions, and conduct due diligence based on OECD and RMI guidance.

September 23.2020

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