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ULVAC Releases the Compact, High-speed Spectroscopic Ellipsometer "UNECS-2000" - Compactness and high speed realized together with excellent cost performance -

ULVAC, Inc. (Headquarters: Chigasaki, Kanagawa; President & CEO: Hidenori Suwa) is pleased to announce the sales launch of the spectroscopic ellipsometer "UNECS-2000." The compact and high speed "UNECS-2000" can measure the film thickness and optical constants of thin films.


Ellipsometers take advantage of the principles of ellipsometry. This measurement instrument measures the film thicknesses and refractive indexes of transparent or semi-transparent thin films with excellent precision without coming into contact with them and is widely used in many industries including the semiconductor and liquid crystal display industries. Generally, ellipsometers are broadly classified into the single wavelength type, whose light sources are lasers, and spectroscopic type, which uses halogen, xenon, or such other lamps. ULVAC has a long history for manufacturing and selling single wavelength type ellipsometers.
Generally speaking, spectroscopic ellipsometers can analyze multi-layer films or other complexly structured thin films because this type of ellipsometer can measure the polarized light condition of thin films in certain wavelength bands. There are two categories of measurement methods: the optical device rotation method and the phase modulation method. The former method controls the polarization properties by mechanically rotating optical devices. The latter method controls the polarization properties of the polarization device electrically. These methods require either mechanical or electrical control of complex optical systems. This is why developing more compact and faster ellipsometers has been difficult.


The compact, high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer "UNECS-2000" which will soon be made available to you, takes advantage of the spectrums obtained from the polarization interference occurring between two high-order phase shifters to instantaneously snapshot the wavelength distribution of the sample's spectroscopic polarization parameters. The "UNECS-2000" is loaded with compact sensors and dramatically faster measurement features, and does not require the conventional complex rotational mechanisms or electric-control functions at sensor head.


Our novel spectroscopic ellipsometer, the "UNECS-2000," is compact and performs measurement at high speed and is excellent in cost performance. With a motor stage that can handle samples up to 200 mm in diameter, the "UNECS-2000" offers you high-precision measurement, easy operation for you. You can enjoy a wide variety of applications ranging from research and development to production line applications.

1. Compact design
The "UNECS-2000" is compact thanks to its novel all-in-one design: The spectroscopic polarization method using high-order retarders made it possible for the emitter and receiver to be small. In addition to these sensors, the peripherals including the light source unit and the controllers are all built into the system.

2. High-speed measurement
The "UNECS-2000" eliminates the need for conventional methods that mechanically or electrically control polarization devices. High-speed measurement has been made possible by taking snapshots of your samples via the spectroscopic polarization method which uses high-order retards.

3. Excellent cost performance
The equipment required to operate the "UNECS-2000" is supplied with the system as standard equipment. This includes the control PC and the analysis software.
The "UNECS-2000" spectroscopic ellipsometer boasts excellent cost performance.

4. Editable material table
You can easily edit or make add material table files, which are essential for data analysis.

5. Multi-layer film measurement
You can measure the thickness of each layer using parallel measurement. Up to six layers are measurable at same time.

【Sales Objectives and Price】

The compact, high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer "UNECS-2000" introduced here will be sold starting on September 1, 2010. The price is 11 million yen (This includes the main unit and the PC. Options not included). We are targeting to sell 30 systems in the first fiscal year.
The "UNECS-2000" will be introduced at ULVAC's booth (East Hall 4, No. 7) in the vacuum exhibition (Vacuum2010) held at Tokyo Big Sight from September 1 (Wed.) to September 3 (Fri.), 2010.

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