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ULVAC, Inc. Starts to Offer Complete TSV Turnkey Solution Production Systems and Processes for Si Etching through to Plating

ULVAC, Inc. (Headquarters: Chigasaki, Kanagawa; President & CEO: Hidenori Suwa) is pleased to announce, as part of the company's solutions for the semiconductor field, its new TSV turnkey solutions, which combines the production systems and processes of the through-silicon via (TSV) process. The TSV process is increasingly getting attention as a new technology in semiconductor packaging and has already started to be used on some mass-production lines.


With further moves towards size reductions, higher performance, and lower costs in the semiconductor industry, packaging technology is increasingly adopting methods that directly form or process semiconductor devices on wafers. These methods include techniques for metal bumps, BGAs (Ball Grid Array) and CSPs (Chip Size Package). As part of this trend, ULVAC has been selling various items of wafer processing equipment, such as sputtering and ashing equipment, and has established a proven track record both in and outside Japan. The TSV (through-silicon via) technology which has emerged in recent years has been recognized as a new technology in the packaging market and has started to be increasingly put into full operation on packaging lines. Production has already started for some devices, such as CISs (CMOS Image Sensor). TSV can make various improvements possible, such as higher density, smaller footprints, lower power consumption, and better operation at high frequencies. However, some consider the expansion of TSV technology depends on a trade-off between enhanced device performance and manufacturing costs.
ULVAC develops equipment based on proven performance in the packaging market, and can supply equipment at a price to suit customers' packaging line. Furthermore, ULVAC has formed a technical partnership with ZyCube Co., Ltd., a very experienced company in the TSV market, which now means a framework is in place enabling us to offer turnkey solutions that includes processes. The features of the TSV turnkey solution that ULVAC will provide follow.


1. Complete turnkey solution covering Si etching to plating processes

All systems and processes used in TSV (through-silicon via) manufacture are available. The TSV process involves (in order): (1) Si etching; (2) Photo resist (PR) ashing; (3) SiO2 etching; (4) Wet cleaning; (5) SiO2 deposition; (6) SiO2 etching; (7) Wet cleaning; (8) Barrier metallization/Cu seed layer formation; and (9) Cu plating.
As part of this solution, ULVAC manufactures and sells dry etching systems for Si and SiO2, ashing systems for PR residue removal, SiO2 deposition PECVD systems, and PVD systems for barrier metallization/Cu seed deposition. The manufacturer with whom we have technical collaboration manufactures the other systems, including wet cleaning and Cu plating systems, with ULVAC acting as the supplier. ULVAC can also demonstration of these processes.

2. Systems and processes achieving lower costs

ULVAC's TSV turnkey solution, which is based on the company's proven record in semiconductor packaging, is designed with a greater focus on functionality and performance compared with the production systems used in front-end Si semiconductor processes, enabling us to reduce the price of systems. In addition, the TSV turnkey solution optimizes processes so that the number of processes can be reduced to a minimum.

[Sales Plan]

The TSV turnkey solution presented here will go on sale from December 2010. Prices of turnkey lines will depend on specifications. Estimated price for a line is between 500 and 1,000 million yen. Sales of individual systems are also possible. ULVAC is aiming at several international orders in 2011 in countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China.
The details of this technology will be introduced at ULVAC's booth (Hall 3, 3D-701) at SEMICON Japan 2010, which will be held in Makuhari, Chiba between December 1 (Wed.) and 3 (Fri.), 2010.

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