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ULVAC and MIT establish the Hayashi-ULVAC MISTI Seed Fund

We are pleased to announce that in June 2017, ULVAC, Inc. (Headquarters: Chigasaki, Kanagawa; President and CEO: Hisaharu Obinata) established the Hayashi-ULVAC MISTI Seed Fund* to support collaborative research between researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and their counterparts in Japan.

ULVAC established the Hayashi-ULVAC MISTI Seed Fund to support collaboration between MIT and Japanese research institutions, based on an agreement with the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI), MIT's pioneering international education program.

This initiative is made possible by the generosity of the late Dr.Chikara Hayashi, former ULVAC president, who established funding for it in 2008. The funding will be used to support joint research by MIT researchers and Japanese scientists at universities and other research institutions, in a wide range of scientific disciplines.

ULVAC has a rich history of collaboration with MIT that dates back to the company's establishment. In its early years, ULVAC received support in the form of free technology from the National Research Corporation (NRC), founded by an MIT alumnus. ULVAC has established the Hayashi-ULVAC MISTI Seed Fund not only to give back to the MIT research community, but also to build a bridge that will help maintain the close relationship between ULVAC and MIT and foster new exchanges.

Through the establishment of this fund, ULVAC aims to support the development of the next generation of researchers and contribute to the advancement of new technologies all around the world.

*「Hayashi-ULVAC MISTI Seed Fund」

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