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Product Termination and Maintenance

Information about back up data compatibility of the CRTM-9100G

We would like to inform you about back up data compatibility of crystal oscillation type deposition controller CRTM-9100G , CRTM-9000 and CRTM-9000G (hereinafter referred to as CRTM-9000 series).
It is possible for the CRTM-9000 series to save the value customers configured such as system parameter, process program, deposition program, input port program, output port program, etc on floppy disk and USB memory as back up data. This data can be loaded and used when CRTM-9000 series is exchanged with same specification model. We have informed you this back up data is upward compatible. However it was found that the data from CRTM-9000 and CRTM-9000G cannot be loaded by CRTM-9100G.
Please see and confirm following countermeasure.
We do our best to support you to avoid any inconvenience for you.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

ULVAC create the version up software so that it is possible for CRTM-9100G to retain upward compatibility. We also create "CRTM-9000 series back up data compatibility software" which can be operated with Windows computer and provide it by compact disk. This software can ensure both upward and downward compatibility.
This software will be included in the instruction manual (CD), which is provided as standard accessory when we ship new products from now on.
The both software will be ready by October 10th, 2013.

CRTM-9000 series back up data compatibility table (PDF 120KB)

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we caused you with this matter. If you have any concern and question, please contact your nearest ULVAC contact window.

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