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Product Termination and Maintenance

Notice for production termination of Ultra-high vacuum gauge GI-N8

Dear Customers
Thank you for your continuous support for ULVAC products. We would like to inform that our Ultra-high vacuum gauge GI-N8 would soon be unavailable, due to decline in demand and our release of other gauges that are similar in spec. In the future, please consider below mentioned gauges such as AxTRAN, and other alternatives that can cover the same measurement range. Consumable parts will be available, but filament material will change to tungsten due to limited availability of current filament material. Thank you for your kind understanding.

1. Subject

*Ultra-high vacuum gauge GI-N8 (measurement range 4×10-9〜6.6×10-1 Pa)

2. Available until

*June 30, 2010

3. Support period

*7 years from above date

4. Substitutes/alternatives

*Ultra-high vacuum gauge AxTRAN(measurement range 5×10-11〜1×10-2Pa)
*Metal Ionization gauge GI-M2(measurement range 5×10-8〜9.9×100 Pa)
*Digital Ionization gauge GI-D7(measurement range 1.3×10-6〜1.3×10-2Pa)

5. About consumable parts

*We will continue supplying W(tungsten) type sensors and filaments, but the current type will be unavailable after selling out the stock. The price will not change.
・W glass type(Wfilament) WIN-G1,G2,G3,G4,G5,G6,G7
・Nude gauge(Wfilament) WIN-N1,N2,N3

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