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Product Termination and Maintenance

『Caution for Pirani sensor WP series (RoHS version)』

Dear Customers

Our product, pirani sensor WP series (WP-01, 02. and 03) has been modified in order to comply with RoHS, changing the welding material to Sn-Ag-Cu type (lead free), from January of year 2008.
Due to this change, some customer brought up problems of the welding material Sn, which reacted to halogen gas, shortening the lifetime of the sensor. Please be aware that the sensor's condition highly depends on the density of halogen gas, application pressure, and process time. Please review the process at current fab, if the sensor breaks down.
After confirming the damage due to the process condition, ULVAC would suggest pirani sensor free of welding Sn-Ag-Cu type material WPB-10-034, as substitution. In order to replace the current model to WPB-10-034, please prepare a adapter flange shown in the figure. For further assistance, please contact the address shown below.

■Substitution plan figure


【Major changes】

1. The sensor head inlet changes to UFC034, therefore current gauge port requires 、φ18 (15) - UFC034 adapter
2. Sensor head cable for WP cannot be used.
3. Due to the change in sensor head type, controller needs to be re-calibrated.

For further information

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