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Product Termination and Maintenance

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION "About Preventive Maintenance of Electrical/Electronic Componentes"

Dear Customers,
We are glad to hear that things are going well for you.

We would like to express our thanks for your courtesies and interests in our products.
This notification provides information about the following parts that are frequently used in the systems and products supplied by ULVAC, in order to avoid any trouble that occurs within the systems and products. The content described here is based on "Guide to the Periodical Inspection of the General-Purpose Inverter" pusblished by The Japan Electrical Manufacture's Assiciation.

■Preventive Maintenance

All the parts used in a system cannot be kept using permanently maintaining the performance of the system at delivery. When a certain period of time elapses, it is inevitable for the system to have trouble because of performance degradation. Therefore, we have defined a certain period of time as the system's service life, and would like you to take the following actions that we recommend, taking your operating condition in consideration, in order to prevent any troubles.
From the viewpoint of preventive maintenance, we would like to ask you to plan maintenance and parts replacement schedules.

■Target electrical/electronic parts and components

The control system components using the relevant parts include various components such as UPS, various process power supplies, inverters, servo amplifiers, switching regulators, robot controllers, and PLC.
For the detail of the installed parts, please refer to the maintenance/inspection section of each control system component's instruction manual.

■Guideline for parts replacement

The service lives of the main parts used in our system are defined below.
The wear-out speed of parts largely depends on your operating condition such as temperature and other environmental aspects. The typical service lives defined below should be used only as a guide and it is not necessarily guaranteed that the parts will maintain their performance level of the time of delivery for the defined periods.

UPS, process power supply, inverter, servo amplifier, switching regulator, robot controller, PLC, etc.

Part name Typical service life
Screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitor 6-7 years
On-substrate aluminum electrolytic capacitor 8-12 years
Lead battery 3-5 years
Cooling fan 3-5 years
Power element Approx. 10 years
(depends on the conditions of use)

Computer, PLC, and other control components

Part name Typical service life
On-substrate aluminum electrolytic capacitor 5-8 years
Cooling fan 3-5 years

■Support for preventive maintenance

As for the expired parts, we basically recommend replacement with new ones (charged). Replacement or inspection work requires special knowledge. When the need of such work arises, please contact the relevant sales department of ULVAC.

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