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Management Structure

Board of Directors, Auditors and Executive Officers (as of September 30, 2021)


  • President and Chief Executive Officer Setsuo Iwashita
  • Director and Executive Vice President Mitsuru Motoyoshi Chairman of ULVAC (CHINA) HOLDING CO.,LTD.
  • Senior Managing Director Dr. Choong Ryul Paik
  • External Director Hiroyuki Nishi President and Chief Executive Officer of Nissay Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd.
  • External Director Norio Uchida
  • External Director Dr. Kozo Ishida Fellow of HORIBA, Ltd.
  • External Director Yoshimi Nakajima


  • Auditor Makoto Ito
  • Auditor Mitsuru Yahagi
  • External Auditor Senshu Asada Attorney
  • External Auditor Isao Utsunomiya Certified Public Tax Accountant

Executive Officer

  • Managing Executive Officer Tetsuya Shimada GM of Semiconductor & Electronics Equipment Division & Corporate Quality Department
  • Managing Executive Officer Sadao Aoki GM of Finance Department
  • Senior Executive Officer Shigemitsu Sato ULVAC (CHINA) HOLDING CO.,LTD. Vice Chairman
  • Senior Executive Officer Tomoyasu Kondo Sales control & Development of semiconductor business
  • Executive Officer Yu Jer Tsai Chairman of ULVAC TAIWAN INC.
  • Executive Officer Zheng Ming Zeng Director & General Manager of ULVAC (CHINA) HOLDING CO.,LTD.
  • Executive Officer Dr. Koukou Suu President & CEO of ULVAC Technologies, Inc.
  • Executive Officer Shinji Takahashi GM of Management Transformation Department
    & Legal Department
  • Executive Officer Yasuo Shimizu GM of FPD Division
  • Executive Officer Kenji Yamaguchi GM of Procurement Center
  • Executive Officer Dr. Ju Hoon Shin GM of Components Division
    President and CEO of ULVAC KIKO, Inc. 

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