Development of the“ CEE-950” Thin Film Encapsulation Equipment for OLEDs


In recent years, OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) devices have started taking root even in the general consumer market, primarily in the displays of mobile phones and large-screen televisions as well as special/decorative lighting. Flexible displays and flexible lighting devices are expected to be a next-generation device employing the characteristics of OLEDs, and several companies are in the midst of a hot competition to develop devices, materials and equipment.

Development of the“ CEE-950” Thin Film Encapsulation Equipment for OLEDs

Leak Detector “HELIOT 900 Series”

1.Introduction of ULVAC leak detector

ULVAC first launced the “DLMS” helium leak detector(HLD), on the market in 1967. Then in 1995, ULVAC started selling the “HELIOT 300 series”1) that made it possible to perform large leak and fine leak tests fully automatically for the first time in the world using our original“ select free” technology for the vacuum system. Leak Detector “HELIOT 900 Series”


Targeting Asia to Become the Market Leader for Cryopumps and Cryogenic Equipment
—Expanding our Business in Line with Growth in the FPD Industry

With a more than 90% share of the market for cryopumps in the flat panel display (FPD) field, ULVAC CRYOGENICS INCORPORATED (UCI) has—since its foundation in 1981—established itself as the leading player in the Asian cryopump market and continues to this day to provide support for the industry. ULVAC CRYOGENICS INCORPORATED

ULVAC Corporate Profile

Since its foundation in 1952, ULVAC has operated under the corporate philosophy of “aiming at contributing to the evolution of industries and sciences by using vacuum technologies” and has been blessed with wonderful support from customers in electronics and many other industries, particularly the vacuum industry.


To Make a Toy Problem Come True

Fostering Future Researchers and Make Technological Progress for the Future through MEMS Development

Unlike the times of Edison, progress in science can no longer be achieved by a single scientist. In modern science, research projects are interdisciplinary, pressuring researchers to get results as early as possible. To Make a Toy Problem Come True