IoT : Deep relationship with ULVAC’s vacuum technology

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The IoT (internet of things) is expected to be a step towards solving social problems and generate innovation.

Information and communication through computers and smartphones will advance to everything and anything with the capability to be connected to the internet and/or communicate to each other, independently having sensor and communication capability to allow automatic sensing, automatic control, and remote measurements.
Things, people, places, and the environment all connected to each will change the everyday life and our business activity. The IoT is expected to help many challenges facing within the Health, medical, transportation, agriculture, and many other industries and also generate innovation.
To realize such society, technology advancement in the field of smaller and low power sensor, diversification of network, and the cloud is essential.

ULVAC Group is the global leader supporting the technology required for smartphones today and will contribute in vacuum technology for the spreading IoT world.

Smartphones has become more advanced with the increasing demand. Vacuum technology is essential for such state-of-the-art technology advancements and for ULVAC, as the world’s only global comprehensive vacuum equipment manufacturer, it is a challenge to create new value.
Smartphones is only the beginning and the quickly expanding IoT society will connect many more Things to the internet. More information will direct to increase cloud servers demand, higher performance, and energy saving technologies. Each individual Things connected will have independent sensors, communication mechanism, and batteries.
ULVAC’ equipments will continue to contribute in production and advancements of key devices essential to the IoT society such as non-volatile memory, MEMS sensor, communication modules, thin film battery and many more.