Memory and Vacuum

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Support for Society’s Cloud Computing Progress Through Smartphones, Tablet PCs, Digital Cameras and Many Other Devices

Memory is a type of semiconductor that is an essential component of the devices we use in our daily lives like mobile phones, digital cameras, audio players and USB memory sticks, all products that use a lot of memory.
In particular, with various types of IT devices rapidly populated society, experts now expect an increasing number of electronic devices to access cloud computing services in the coming years, causing the volume of online information to expand at a fast pace.
The growing volume of online information will require industry players to have servers and datacenters equipped with memories capable of reading and writing at greater performance levels and improved electricity consumption. The existing quantity of flash memories available in the world will likely not be enough to serve market needs going forward. In this respect, semiconductor companies have been developing new types of storage memory products designed to fulfill the rigorous requirements of being compact enough and yet having superior power consumption characteristics.
Currently, ULVAC is supporting the evolution of a cloud computing-based society by developing and delivering new technologies designed to be used for the commercialization of next-generation memories such as ReRAM and FeRAM, not to mention flash memory, the currently predominant semiconductor category in this market segment.