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    ULVAC Solutions for Touch Screen "Flexible Substrate"

For the purpose of manufacturing Touch Screen, we provide the sputtering system for thin film deposition on Flexible-substrate.
Moreover, High Grade ITO Film making use of original process has been developed, as well.

ULVAC has newly developed a composite ITO film making sure of transparency.

 ULVAC's Sputtering System for Flexible Substrate

Sputtering Coating Machine (Roll Coater Type)

Various modules for different processes and production volumes

Excellent gas separation performance and improved sputtering process enable rapid deposition of high grage films applications.

Transparent conductive films: touchi panel, conductive materials (PET/ITO)

AR, electromagnetic shielding films: PET/multilayer optical films, anti-reflective films.

Othe: high barrier films, organic films, etc.

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Deposition Chamber Expansion (from 1 to 3 chambers)

Flexibility for expansion from 1-MR to 2-MR, 3-MR, etc. depending on production volume and film composition.

Acceptance up to four cathode pairs (8 targets) per MR (main roll) to deposit ITO, SiO2, Nb2O5 or other films onto a 1600-mm wide, 25 to 200 μm thick PET or PC substrate with a roll diameter of 900 mm.

Optical monitor, resistance monitor and atmospheric monitor.

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