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    ULVAC Solutions for Touch Screen "Glass Substrate"

For the purpose of manufacturing Touch Screen, we provide the sputtering system for thin film deposition on Glass-substrate. In addition, we have delivered the inkjet system for jumper deposition as a new wiring technology.

 ULVAC's Sputtering Process for Touch Screen

The STD/SDP-Series can be used to deposit films such as low-resistance/conductive ITO films and insulator films.

Sputteeing System STD Series

The STD Series are the in-line sputtering system for deposition of ITO films and other metal films.

Use of vertical transfer method makes handling of large substrates easy.

Uses bottom roller & upper magnet transfer system, a highly reliable and low particle system witha well-established track record.

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 ULVAC's Advanced Process for Touch Screen

The Inkjet system that is the proven technology for Printable Electronics contributes to realize not only the reduction of manufacturing process steps but also making high resolution sensor-devices on Touch Screen.

Inkjet Printing System S-200

The S-200 is the inkjet system for the jumper of a capacitive type touch screen.

Drop accuracy +/-10μm is achieved by applying high stiffness and precise stage.

High drop position accuracy of less than 1.5% is also obtained.

High quality drop analysis system is standard equipment.

Easy maintenance to change the head by addopting the one touch attaching head module.

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 Application Roadmap

ULVAC has taken the valuable lessons learned from developing its top-selling in-line sputtering systems for FPDs and incorporated them into its STD/SDP Series for touch screen manufacturing. The STD/SDP Series is the best equipment for ultra large-size substrates as well as turnkey lines.

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