No.82 September/2018

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1. ウェットリンス機構付きメタルエッチャーの開発

執筆者 電子機器事業部 小室 健司 他 [PDF]
概要 With our dry etching equipment, high density plasma (5E10~1E11 / cm3) can be generated at low pressure (0.07~13.3Pa) by ISM (Inductive Super Magbetron) type plasma source, uniform etching distribution by magnet It is possible.In this issue, we developed dry and wet composite mass production type dry etching equipment for high quality SAW filter.The feature of this device is solved by developing hardware that performs a series of processing under low dew pointenvironment wet etching after dry etching, against corrosion which is particularly likely to occur in composite metal film.

2. Cu 合金スパッタリングターゲットの開発

執筆者 超材料研究所 高澤 悟 他 [PDF]
概要 We have developed Cu alloy films with good adhesion to glass and resin substrates. For flat panel display (FPD)applications, particularly wiring material of the next generation high definition TV, high thermal resistance is required.Compared with Cu/Ti and Cu/Mo films commonly used as thin film transistor (TFT) wiring metal, our newly developed Cualloy exhibits higher thermal resistance characteristics. In addition, for printed circuit board (PCB) applications, new Cualloy film contributes to cost reduction by simplifying etching process comparing with Cu/Ti film as general wiring material.

3. エネルギーハーベスト実現に向けたスピンゼーベック効果による面内発電熱電子素子の開発

執筆者 未来技術研究所 野末 竜弘 他 [PDF]
概要 We have investigated the thermoelectric elements using the spin Seebeck effect (SSE), in order to develop the novel thermoelectric device. The multilayered SSE elements of Y3Fe5O12 (YIG) and Pt, [YIG/Pt]n, were fabricated by sputtering.The sample of n=2 had the SSE coefficient 2 times as large as that of n=1. However, the SSE of n=3 sample was almost equal to that of n=2. This enhancement of SSE is considered to be contributed by the spin current enhanced in the multilayer [YIG/Pt]n.

4 .次世代超伝導加速空洞に向けた窒化ニオブ薄膜の開発

執筆者 未来技術研究所 伊藤 亮平 他 [PDF]
概要 S-I-S (superconductor-insulator-superconductor) multilayered structure theory has been proposed to achieve the maximum acceleration gradient of superconducting radio frequency cavities higher than the theoretical limit of conventional Nb cavities. In order to demonstrate this theory, we investigated the optimal deposition condition for reactive sputtering of NbN-SiO2 thin films and the correlation between the deposition conditions and the thin film properties. We finally made multilayered sample consisting of NbN-SiO2 thin films and bulk Nb substrate, which has good crystalline orientation.Moreover, we clarified that the lower critical field of the multilayered sample was higher than a bulk Nb. In other words, we succeeded in demonstrating the S-I-S theory for the first time in the measurement using the small sample.

5 .高速排気と低消費電力を両立したドライ真空ポンプ「LS シリーズ」

執筆者 技術開発部 田中 智成 他 [PDF]
概要 Dry vacuum pumps are used in many production lines, including those for electronic parts and displays. Environmental considerations have led to dry vacuum pumps becoming mainstream thanks to their low power consumption. However,typical dry vacuum pumps with low power consumption tend to have the problem of long pumping down time, as they have a low pumping speed near atmospheric pressure. To solve this problem, ULVAC has developed a new dry vacuum pump series called LS series that combines high pumping speed with low power consumption. By increasing the pumping speed near atmospheric pressure, ULVAC has realized a dry vacuum pump with high pumping speed that uses the original technology developed by the company to reduce power consumption.