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Analysis Service

ULVAC conducts paid analysis work on request using the measurement systems we manufacture and sell.
We provide useful data for materials development and quality management.

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Differential Thermal Analyzer

Laser Flash Type Themal Constant Analyzer TC-9000

Seebeck Coefficient and Eletric Resistance Measurering System ZEM-3
Analytical Testing Purpose
Measurement Sample
Corresponding System
Thermal analysis Metallic materials melting/solidification
Thermal resistance
TGD-9600 Thermogravimetry/Differenctial Thermal Analyzer
Heat expansion Quartz, Low expansion glass
Polymer film
LIX-2 Thermal Expansion Equipment by Laser Interferometer
High temperature
Various metals TMS-E1S High Temperature Observation System
Polymer films
Polymers, Ceramic substrates
FTC-1 Periodical Heating Method Thermal Diffusivity Measuring System
Polymer films
Polymers, Ceramic substrates
Heat dissipating sheets
Thermoelectric conversion materials
Carbon, Graphite
TC-9000 Laser Flash Method Thermal Constant Measuring System
Seebeck coefficient Thermoelectric conversion materials ZEM-3 Seebeck Coefficient/Electric Resistance Measuring System
Saturated vapor
pressure measurements
Organic dye (EL materials)
Oils, Fats
VPE-9000 Vapor Pressure Evaluation System
Relative change in viscosity Liquid, Oil RSM-1 Resonance Shear Measurement System

In addition,various analysis is possible.

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