WLP fabrication flow

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WLP is an abbreviation for Wafer Level Packaging, which is one of the mounting technologies expected as mobile devices such as smartphones become more sophisticated and thinner. ULVAC provides techniques such as sputtering, etching and ashing for the WLP manufacturing process.

WLP fabrication flow


1. Redistribution Layer(RDL)First layer

Process Technology for WLP


2. Photolitho Via

Perform Descum to improve the contact characteristics between Cu in the Seed layer and Cu plated.

Process Technology for WLP


3. Cu Pillar

Plating Cu


4. Removing Photolitho


5. Bonding Chip


6. Molding

7. Surface polishing

8. Redistribution layer(RDL)

Process Technology for WLP

9. Forming Bump soldering

10. Placing one tape with dicing frame

11. Removing strip layer

12. After dicing chips, stripping from dicing frame

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