PZT film etching for piezoelectric MEMS

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We provide Pt / PZT etching process with high selectivity to Pt which is the lower electrode. (Selection ratio: PZT / Pt> 5 @ 8inch,> 10 @ 6inch) It also provides high uniformity (<+/- 3% @ 8inch) that minimizes the amount of underground digging and precise endpoint detection.


Adhesion to pattern side wall

Due to difficult-to-etch material, etching products tend to adhere to sidewalls

Selection ratio with lower electrode

The film configuration consists of a PZT film of several μm and a metal electrode of about 100 nm, making it difficult to process the 8 inch process leaving the lower electrode

Stable production

Stable production is difficult due to a decrease in EPD signal, etc.



Use of plasma source dedicated to PZT multilayer film

Achieved etching distribution of 3% or less. No Pt / PZT selectivity> 5 @ 8 inch wafer without side wall deposition (> 10 @ 6 inch wafer)

Minimize the amount of digging under each etching film by high uniformity and precise end point detection

Stable production is possible with hardware that does not reduce the EPD signal or the etching rate

6-8 inches for stable production


Etching Profile Uniformity of Pt/PZT Film @ 8inch

  Provide stable process to leave lower Pt on the entire surface of 8 inches

Material : Pt/PZT/Pt

Mask : Photo Resist

Size : Depth 100/3000/100nm

ER : Pt > 200nm/min  PZT > 150nm/min

Selectivity : Resist/PZT > 0.6  PZT/Pt > 5.0


End point detecting results of various layers

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