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Evaporation Deposition Materials

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Our high-purity vacuum deposition materials are being used in all fields involving thin film electronic devices. Vapor deposition materials manufactured in a clean environment and under a sophisticated quality assurance system provide our customers with complete satisfaction.

Product Lineup

Materials  Purity  Type  Size  Quantity 
Al  5N  SAW-15  diameter 1.5×L  250gr 
  SAP-06  diameter 6×15  200P 
  SAP-22  diameter 22×14.6  20P 
  SAS-40  diameter 49×diameter 36×26H  3P 
  SAS-110  diameter 69×diameter 57×36H  2P 
5N5  MAP-06  diameter 6×20  10P 
5N8  CAP-06  diameter 6×20  10P 
  6N    diameter 6×20   
Cr  3N  SCS-1  4×30×1.5  100P 
  SCS-2  6×8×4  100P 
  SCP-4  20×20×6  5P 
  SCH-10  diameter 32×diameter 24×15  5P 
  SCH-40-20  diameter 45×diameter 35×20  2P 
Cu  4N  ZMC-06  diameter 6×15  200P 
Ni  4N    10×3×7  100P 
4N    10×14×7  10P 
4N    diameter 45×diameter 35×20  2P 
4N    diameter 10×3  100P 
Ti  3N    diameter 13×7.5  100P 
4N5    diameter 12×3.5  100P 
4N5    diameter 45×diameter 35×20  2P 
Ag Alloy  4N    diameter 10×15  50P 
Mo  4N    diameter 10×5  10P 

*Besides our standard products, please feel free to consult us for special needs involving custom materials or contours, etc.
*We also handle all types of vacuum evaporation source components. Please tell us what you need and we will make every effort to fill your order.

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