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Coating [Ta] [Nb] [Zr] [Ti]

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Thicknesses: approx. 300 to 1000µm

Thicknesses: approx. 700 to 800µm

ULVAC has developed a new coating technique for applying a thin coat of Ta.
Using this technique, Ta coating can be provided at low cost for devices needing resistance to corrosion, heat, and abrasion.


  • Can be processed at low temperatures
  • Uses less tantalum
  • Allows manufacture of films with strengths of 1N/mm2 or more and thicknesses of 100 to 1,000 μm, which have a resin porosity of 95% and resistance peeling at hydraulic pressures of 7.0 to 8.5 MPa
  • This new coating method allows even 100 μm to be applied in in pipe construction

Application to pipes

  • Applicable to outer face of pipe
  • Thickness can be chosen freely

Application to pipes

  • Applicable to curved inner face
  • No significant film peeling found

Corrosion test evaluation

In-house tests were conducted with 20%H2SO4 at 100C for one hour.

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