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High Performance Materials

ULVAC performs welding processing (electron beam welding) such as Ta, Nb, Ti, Zr in the dry box highly managed the atmosphere or in the dry box under vacuum condition.

High Performance Materials

Ta,Nb, Sheet

Ta/Nb sheets from ULVAC have a fine and uniform grain size. This makes it possible to produce high-yield foils with light surface roughening after pressing and uniform intensity and characteristics.

Ta, Nb, Wire/Bar

ULVAC has 40 years of experience producing Ta/Nb wires and bars and is highly regarded by its many customers. ULVAC’s ZD material, with its increased strength at high temperatures, is used in the manufacturing of heaters and electric light bulbs.

Ta, Nb, Tube/Pipe

Please ask us about high-variety low-volume production and special alloys.

Ta, Nb, Zr, Reactor Vessels

ULVAC can manufacture reactor vessels with both 1) clad and 2) lining structures. We will match the structure of the reactor vessel to the customer’s request.

Ta, Nb, Heat Exchanger

Ta/Nb/Zr/Ti heat exchangers from ULVAC use welds developed from vacuum techniques and are subject to a rigorous inspection system.

Ta, Nb, Zr, Columns

ULVAC’s columns make full use of lining techniques, and offer excellent cost performance.

Ta, Nb, Zr, Ti, Coating

ULVAC has developed a new coating technique for applying a thin coat of Ta.

Ta, Nb, Zr, Ti, Pipings

ULVAC has collected the manufacturing and delivery records of a variety of negative pressure vessels, including solid material piping and piping with lining structures that can endure vacuum specifications.

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