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Vacuum Furnace

Batch-type Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

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It is applicable to wide range vacuum heat treatments such as quenching,annealing,tempering, sintering,brazing etc for various metal parts.


  • Maximum heating temperature 1300ºC. Operational temperature range 400 to 1250℃.
  • Temperature uniformity can be guaranteed at 1150ºC with accuracy of ±5ºC.
  • High Heat Effciency Metal(Mo) is adopted.
  • Oil Diffusion Pump(model PFL-22) is applied as standard.


  • Tempering,quenching:metals for tools and machine parts.
  • Sintering:Ultra hard tools and magnets etc.
  • Brazing:heat exchangers and machine parts.


Size of uniform heating zone 600W x 600H x 1200Lmm*1
Throughput 500kg
Temp.(Max. / Operation) Maximum temperature : 1300ºC / Operating temperature : 400ºC〜1250ºC
Temperature uniformity 1150℃with accuracy of ±5ºC*2 (no works loaded)
Ramp-up Rate Within 120 min. room temperature to 1150℃*3
Ultimate vacuum No more than 3.0 x 10-3Pa*4
Cooling rate Within 45 min. from 1150℃ to less than 150℃*5
Evacuation time Within 25 min. from atmosphere to 1.0×10-1Pa
Pressure rise 5.3×10-4Pa•m-3 / s or less
Power consumption Approx.180KVA(AC200V/220V,50/60Hz,3φ)
Cooling water consumption 14.0m3 / Hr
Pneumatic air consumption 600NL / min
Cooling gas consumption 8.8Nm3 / batch*5(50Hz) , 7.2Nm3 / batch*5(60Hz)
Footprint Approx. 5.5W x 5.9L x 3.5Hm
*1 600mm(H) includes Tray thickness 40tmm and available height is 560Hmm.
*2 9 points measurement when no works are loaded.
*3 At conditions that φ16mm dummy bars are loaded up to maximum weights at even interval.
*4 No works loaded after degassing. (High vacuum evacuation system is in operational.)
*5 Cooling gas pressure : N2 Gas MAX0.16MPa•abs(50Hz), MAX0.13MPa•abs(60Hz)

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