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STD Series

Sputtering System

In-line Sputtering Systems
STD Series

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The STD Series are in-line sputtering systems for deposition of ITO films and other metal films. They can be used to deposit films such as low-resistance ITO films, transparent conductive films, and multilayer optical film for touch panel metal wire films.


  • Use of vertical transfer method makes handling of large substrates easy.
  • High productivity, with standard carrier throughput of 40 seconds.
  • Use of vacuum return method enables smaller footprint.
  • Use of vacuum return method and new cathode system enables multilayer optical films.
  • Uses bottom roller & upper magnet transfer system, a highly reliable and low particle system with a well-established track record.
  • Enables simple maintenance.


  • Transparent conducting films for touch panel
  • Color filters
  • 4 layer anti-reflective corting
  • Index matching ITO


  STD-1200 STD-1500 STD-1800
Effective area 1200mm H x 1500mm L 1550mm H x 1300mm L 1900mm H x 1550mm L
Standard tact time 30 sec / 45 sec / 60 sec
Substrate heating RT. 120ºC / 230ºC / 300ºC

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