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SPH Series

Sputtering System

Load-lock type Sputtering System
SPH Series

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Load-lock sputtering system suitable to fully automated production line for small size parts such as automotive mirrors and plastic moldings. Lineups are SPH-320/320M for 2 stage processing and SPH340M for 4 stage processing.


  • Depending on products, select a transfer method among substrate direct handling, tray handling and substrate rotation jig unit.
  • Wide varieties of options are available such as pretreatment unit for plastic substrates(*1), atmosphere isolations feature for multi-layers coating(*2), enhancement for pumping system and substrate rotation jig unit for all circumference coating(*1) .

    *1:Applicable to Model : SPH-320M and 340M.

    *2:Applicable to Model : SPH-340M

  • Clamp type target is applied for easy replacement.


  • Automotive : Mirrors, emblem, small size lamps and other interior parts
  • Appliance and consumables : Mobile phone parts, cosmetic bottles
  • Functional coating : Interference, non-conductive metal and multilayer

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