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SMD Series / SMD-X Series

Sputtering System

Single-substrate Sputtering Systems
SMD Series / SMD-X Series

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The SMD Series are single-substrate sputtering systems for deposition of films such as metal films and ITO films. ULVAC has delivered a large number of these systems, for use in a wide range of production environments. ULVAC responds rapidly to feedback from production sites to improve the reliability of these models.

With the increase in size of LCD panels and manufacturing mother glass, manufacturing equipment has also become larger, requiring ever-larger equipment investments. For the past several years, ULVAC has been responding to increasing mother glass sizes by developing new-concept systems to replace the cluster-type systems currently prevalent. ULVAC's systems support larger substrate sizes while remaining compact and low-priced. The new concepts they employ enable staggered, highly effective investment with low initial outlay.


  • Substrate-only transfer and side deposition method enable low particle generation.
  • Space-saving design
  • Individual substrates can easily be managed using parameters such as deposition conditions.
  • Different cathodes are available for deposition of different substances.
  • Wide range of deposition processes are supported, based on ULVAC's abundant experience and data.


  • Thin-film transistors (TFTs)


Type G4.5 G5 G5.5
SMD-950 SMD-950X3 SMD-1200CX SMD-1500X
Cluster-type X-type
Substrate size (mm) 730 X 920 1200 X 1300 1300 X 1500
Chamber configuration 1) Loading/unloading chambers 2
2) Heating chambers 1 -
3) Transfer chambers 1
4) Sputter chambers 4 2 (Up to 2 cathodes) 2 (Up to 3 cathodes) 2 (Up to 2 cathodes)
High vacuum evacuation system Cryopump
Substrate transfer system 1-level arm 2-level arm 2-level arm

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