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Multi-chamber Sputtering System

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Multi-chamber Sputtering System ENTRONTM-EX2 W300 is the latest platform possible to combine the various process.

The high-end model with extendibility that can be correspond with customer’s demand of high throughput and saving energy, etc. for next generation. ULVAC will answer customer's needs by various lineup like the high advanced PVD, CVD and ALD module for nano wiring by our original technology.


  • Flexible module configuration
  • The integration of PVD and CVD/ALD process
  • The various applications (NVM, Al & Cu wiring, TI/TiN barrier metal, thick AL and Co/Ni salicide etc.)
  • Process capability for not only Si devices but also compound semiconductor, on quartz devices, etc.
  • 10 process modules maximum can be equipped based on the cluster tool concept
  • Single or Tandem platform is available
  • Wafer transfer speed is 60% up. High reductivity and low CO2 were achieved.
  • Environmental consideration Various energy saving functions were standard installed, and the energy saving of 30% on the current model was achieved.
  • Various functions for energy saving are installed as standared specification. 30% energy saving is achieved.
  • Equipped with the control system that comphes with the next generation semiconductor Fab. The excellent thin film contorol and EES compliance. The high advanced automation Fab compliance.


  • Advanced semiconductor memory (DRAM & Flash memory)
  • Next generation NVM(STT‐MRAM, ReRAM, PcRAm, CBRAM, FeRAM, etc.)
  • Advanced Logic devices
  • CMOS image sensor


Specification ENTRONTM-EX2 W300 (Tandem) ENTRONTM-EX2 W300 (Single)
Configuration Transfer System EFEM, Vacuum Transfer module x 2 EFEM, Vacuum Transfer module x 1
Module L/UL chamber x 2
+ Max 8 process modules
+ Max 2degas or cooling module
L/UL chamber x 2
+ Max 4 process modules
+ Max 2degas or cooling module
Wafer Slze 300mm diameter
Transfer Robot Dual arm type high speed vacuum robot x 2 Wafer position adjuster equipped Dual arm type high speed vacuum robot × 1 Wafer position adjuster equipped
Control system FA-PC Control (Cluster tool controller)
Application Memory, NVM, Logic, Multi-layer process Memory, NVM, Logic, R&D, Small production
Pumping system Main pump LL module: TMP
Transfer core: TMP or Cryo pump
Process module: TMP + cold trap (for H2O)
Roughing pump Roughing dry pump, TMP fore dry pump
Process Sputter Sputter down/Rotary magnet cathode: Conventional, LTS, SIS, HiCIS, Triple gun cathode
Pre-clean ICP etching, H2 anneal, CDT
Process Gas line PVD: Max 4 Lines
CVD: Max 14 Lines
Throughput Mechanical Throughput: 160wph (Double transfer)
Ultimate Pressure Transfer module: < 8.0 x10E-6Pa
Process module: < 3.0 x10E-6Pa
THK Uniformity (*1) 300mm diameter < +/-5%
Process temperature R.T to 450ºC
Electricity 50Hz/60Hz, 3phase, 200V
Cooling water 0.3 to 0.5MPa, Temp.20 to 25ºC
For chiller: 60L/min
For He Compressor: 7L/min x units
For DRP: 8L/min x units
Gas Gas for process: 0.1 to 0.3MPa
Gas for vent N2 purge: 0.2 to 0.7MPa
Gas for DRP N2 purge: 0.2 to 0.7MPa
Compressed pressure 0.5 to 0.7MPa
Energy saving function Standard equipped
Grounding A class (1st class) Ground line (10ohm on less)
Option LTS/SIS/Triple gun cathode/CVD/ALD Module can be choosed and equipped
RGA: Qulee
EES: EDPMS (Equipment Engineering System)


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