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TCO Laser Scribing System

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This system is a single-substrate laser scribing system  that is used to remove the transparent electrode (TCO) films formed on the glass substrate by the laser ablation method using the near-infrared wavelength pulse oscillating laser.
This system consists of 6 IR lasers, 6 sets of laser light collection optical system, bridge type XY stage (X-axis: lower axis, Y-axis: upper axis on bridge),  substrate conveyor mechanism, dust collector, laser power measuring instrument and control systems. It is achieved high accuracy and high stability for using fiber lasers and a stage made ​​of granite.


  • Diode coupled 6 IR lasers:
       Laser light is delivered by optical fiber and set variable pulse width
  • Simple and high stability optical system
  • Granite XY stage:
        High precision and minimal thermal expansion/contraction
  • Individual laser positioning control:
        Every IR laser has its own Y- and Z-stage
  • Automatic measurement and calibration of laser output power
  • Tact time < 90 sec(ULVAC standard pattern)


  • Thin film solar Cell (TCO Laser scribing)


Substrate material W1400 x D1100 x t=3-5mm
Tact time < 90 sec. (ULVAC standard pattern)
Excitation Laser Diode
Laser wavelength About 1.06μm
Beam delivery Optical Fiber
Beam shape About 50-70μm circle
Number of beams Air cooling
Cooling Air cooling
Stage size W2420mm x L4570mm x H2100mm
Valid stroke X axis(upper axis): 2000mm
Y axis(lower axis): 1260mm
Z axis(mounted on Y stage): 50mm
Maximum speed X:1000mm/sec
X-Y orthogonality Below 5μm/500mm
Accuracy of repeatability positioning Below +/-10μm

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