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Outgas Measuring Instrument

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The Model TDS-2001 is an outgas analyzer for small samples and finds application is a wide variety of fields, such as semiconductor process, display, and others. Best suited to development of new materials.


  • Equipped with a highly reliable substrate heating mechanism, manipulator, and target rotating mechanism.
  • Capability of high precision gas analysis by employment of the TDS (Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy) method
  • Capability of high precision analysis of amount of outgas by employment of the SPP (Switching between two Pumping Passages) method patented by ULVAC
  • Reduced outgas from equipment, enabled by ULVAC's unique UHV surface treatment technique "SUSpika"
  • High reproducibility enabled by sensitivity calibrating function and ease of processing measurement data and graphic representation (equipped with data analysis software ORIGIN)


  • Development of new materials


Compatible substrate size 2 inches
Measurement sensitivity 6.7 × 10-8Pa•m3/s or less
Substrate heating temperature Maximum 1000ºC
Heating rate 1 to 100ºC/min
Temperature uniformity 600ºC ± 3ºC
Measurement mass number 1 to 200
Sample transfer Manual
Number of samples fed 1 pc./batch
Throughput 40 minutes with standard configuration
Data processing Display of number of desorbed gas molecules and others
Ultimate pressure 5.0 × 10-7Pa or less
Measurement method Passage switching method, TDS method

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