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μPD Series

Freeze Drying/Vacuum Drying

MicropowderdryTM System
μPD Series

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Micro Powder Dry is original and revolutional technology of ULVAC for freeze drying(lyophilizing) that renders liquids completely dry, through spraying under vacuum. ULVAC Inc also has developed a fully packaged process system for sterile production, including powder filling and capping.


  • Spherical shape powder by freezing in air under vacuum
  • Homogeneous concentration powder by freezing from liquid droplet
  • Solubility enhancement
  • High speed drying due to larger surface area of frozen material
  • Particle sized freeze-dried powder
  • High uniformity in particle size
  • Production process like milling, classifying, etc. can be reduced.


  • Pharmaceuticals (sterile product, drug substance, intermediate product)
  • Health care materials
  • Foods
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronic materials


  μPD400 μPD2000
Particle Size 100μ to 400μ 100μ to 400μ
Capacity 5L / Batch 150L / Batch
Shelf Temp. Control Range -40ºC to 60ºC -50ºC to 60ºC
Vacuum Control Range 5Pa to 30Pa 5Pa to 30Pa
Cold Trap Temp. -60ºC -65ºC
Required Space 1500W×1700L×3300H 5600W×8200L×6800H

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