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CLT Series

Automatic Leak Tester

Helium Leak Tester (COMPACT-ALT)
CLT Series

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This Helium Leak test system is compact and can be used in vacuum region of 100 to 200Pa.


  • Helium gas is used as a detector gas
  • All the vacuum components are made by ULVAC.
  • The testing is a clean and dry process.
  • Test data is recorded.
  • System eliminates human error.


  • Automobile industry : Compressor, air conditioner, oil cooler, EGR cooler
  • Air conditioning and refrigerator : Compressor, heat exchanger, expansion valve
  • Precision machine : Valves, pressure gauge, air craft instrument, pressure switch


System Sensitivity 1.6×10-5Pa • m3/s (0.01cc/min)
Chamber Size W500×D350×H400mm(70L)Manual Opening and Closing
Vacuum Pumping System Main Pump EC-803
Test system Helium Leak Detector HELIOT-100 Series
Tact Time 60sec/1chamber(machine time)
Utilities Power Supply AC200V10KVA
Helium Gas 0.1~0.9MPa
Compressed Air 0.5MPa
Options Helium Gas Charge and Recovery Unit
Helium Gas Charge and Recovery Unit for Mixed Gas
Pressure Test Unit

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