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ALT•S Series

Automatic Leak Tester

Automatic Helium Leak Tester SUPER-ALT
ALT•S Series

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This ALT system is designed with a small foot print and is capable of high through put.


  • Cycle time can be reduced in half by adopting a turn table at a test station.
  • Helium gas charging and leak test can be done separately at the same time to shorten the processing time.
  • Helium leak detector HELIOT-ZERO is used, which can detect helium gas leakage from a test piece in vacuum. ※ Rapid gas analyzer in vacuum : Patent pending
  • Test chamber size has been reduced for rapid processing, which makes footprint smaller.
  • Installation period can be shorter by having the system as one unit.
  • Vacuum pump unit can be removed from the main system to make maintenance easy.


  • Automobile industry : Compressor, air conditioner, oil cooler, EGR cooler
  • Air conditioning and refrigerator : Compressor, heat exchanger, expansion valve
  • Air conditioning and refrigerator


System Sensitivity 1.0×10-7Pa • m3/s
Chamber Size φ340×H500(45L)
Vacuum Pumping System Main Pump PRC-012A+(EC-803×2)
Test system Helium Leak Detector HELIOT-ZERO
Tact Time 40sec/1chamber(machine time)
Utilities Power Supply AC200V20KVA
Helium Gas 0.1~0.9MPa
Compressed Air 0.5MPa
Cooling Water Requirements 0.18m3/h(15ºC~30ºC)
Options Automatic Helium Gas Charge Unit
Helium Gas Charge and Recovery Unit
Helium Gas Charge and Recovery Unit for Mixed Gas
Pressure Test Unit
Conveyor Unit

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