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ei Series

Vacuum Evaporation System

Batch-type High Vacuum Evaroration System
ei Series

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This is a batch type high vacuum evaporation system for the deposition of metal and oxide on a substrate. Since the operation panel of this system has an integrated control function that realizes automated vacuum and deposition process, it is recommended for R&D use as well as for small-scale manufacturing.


  • Supports various evaporation sources (i.e. EB, RH, EB + RH etc.).
  • Substrate holders complying with each process (i.e. lift-off, planetary, satellite etc.).
  • Supports various substrates; substrates size from φ2in to 6in, rectangular substrates, Si, compounds, glass and ceramics.
  • Display and operation on LCD touch panel.
  • Superior PC-operating system and functions (recipe function, data logging, maintenance assist function).


  • Compound-related devices of Power devices
  • LED, LD and high-speed devices
  • Various R&Ds
  • Other general electronic devices

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