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TCO Laser Scribing System


This system is a single-substrate laser scribing system  that is used to remove the transparent electrode (TCO) films formed on the glass substrate by the laser ablation method using the near-infrared wavelength pulse oscillating laser.
This system consists of 6 IR lasers, 6 sets of laser light collection optical system, bridge type XY stage (X-axis: lower axis, Y-axis: upper axis on bridge),  substrate conveyor mechanism, dust collector, laser power measuring instrument and control systems. It is achieved high accuracy and high stability for using fiber lasers and a stage made ​​of granite.

Batch Type Dry Etching System


ULDEX-1600 features surface texturing formation on silicon wafers for solar cell, with introduced etching gas and high-frequency power. Low-reflecting surface texturing formation leads to improvement of solar cell light absorption performance and cell efficiency.



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