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Thin film solar cell


Holizontal In-line Type Sputtering System
SCH Series


The SCH Series are horizontal in-line sputtering systems for deposition of transparent conductive films and other metal films. They can be used to depositi films such as back conatct and barrier layers in solar cell production lines.

Sputtering Coating Machine (Roll Coater Type)
SPW Series


SPW Series is a equipment that can be sputtered optical thin film and metal etc multilayer film on plastic film.

Gas separation chanber for batch processing of high-function multilayer films.


In-line Type PE-CVD System
CCV Series


CCV series are vertical type CVD systems for deposition of a-Si. 30 years experience with key players. Isolated deposition camber and low deposition rate offers the high-quality film.


TCO Laser Scribing System


This system is a single-substrate laser scribing system  that is used to remove the transparent electrode (TCO) films formed on the glass substrate by the laser ablation method using the near-infrared wavelength pulse oscillating laser.
This system consists of 6 IR lasers, 6 sets of laser light collection optical system, bridge type XY stage (X-axis: lower axis, Y-axis: upper axis on bridge),  substrate conveyor mechanism, dust collector, laser power measuring instrument and control systems. It is achieved high accuracy and high stability for using fiber lasers and a stage made ​​of granite.

Batch Type Dry Etching System


ULDEX-1600 features surface texturing formation on silicon wafers for solar cell, with introduced etching gas and high-frequency power. Low-reflecting surface texturing formation leads to improvement of solar cell light absorption performance and cell efficiency.




Evaporation Roll Coater
EW Series


EW Series models are deposition systems for evaporation of metal or oxides onto continuously-wound plastic film, paper or metal foil. Models range from compact types for research, to systems for mass-production. They can be used to manufacture products such as packaging materials, capacitors and magnetic tape.