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Batch-type Sputtering System
SX Series


Batch-type Sputtering System SX series is for batch type sputtering system for research & development and small production application.

Sputteing System for Optical Filters and Coating
ULDiS Series


The ULDiS series is the digital sputtering system that has enhanced the Meta Mode and realized the high-quality optical filters and coatings.

ULVAC has signed a License Agreement with JDS Uniphase Corporation of the U.S.

; License MetaMode® sputter for optical application. The ULDiS comes available to be placed at your business, and develops widely.

Backside Metalization Sputtering System
SRH Series


SRH Series is production system for deposition of metallic films for power device, WL-CSP, or UBM or similar application.

Sputtering Coating Machine (Roll Coater Type)
SPW Series


SPW Series is a equipment that can be sputtered optical thin film and metal etc multilayer film on plastic film.

Gas separation chanber for batch processing of high-function multilayer films.

In-line Sputtering Systems
STD Series


The STD Series are in-line sputtering systems for deposition of ITO films and other metal films. They can be used to deposit films such as low-resistance ITO films, transparent conductive films, and multilayer optical film for touch panel metal wire films.

Ultra-High Vacuum Sputtering System for R&D
MPS Series


ULVAC's MPS Series are a new type developed using our wealth of experience and extensive sales record. Discharge can be maintained at a pressure, about one order of magnitude lower than the conventional sputter discharge pressure. The use of long throw sputtering enables better film thickness uniformity, and the diagonal incidence configuration is ideal for co-sputter and multilayer films.

Compact Sputter for Research & Development


It is possible to arrange for various module conbination; Atmospheric cassette, Single piece, Atmospheric transfer, Vaccum transfer. Compact design integrated with control unit.

Compact Sputter


Compact sputtering system is available for research and development of multi layer thin film, compound materials or other devices, using automatic process operation by PC. Also more large size substrate (4 inch dia.) than ever system is available.

Load-lock type Sputtering System
SPH Series


Load-lock sputtering system suitable to fully automated production line for small size parts such as automotive mirrors and plastic moldings. Lineups are SPH-320/320M for 2 stage processing and SPH340M for 4 stage processing.

Batch-type Sputtering Systems
SV Series


Vertical batch-type sputter systems. Series models include the SV-200 disk stamper model, and carousel types for large-volume substrate processing.

Load-lock type Sputtering System


Load-lock type Sputtering System CS 200 is for research & development and small production application.

Cluster-type Sputtrering System


SME-200E is cluster type Sputtering system for research and development and production purpose.

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