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VEP Series

Vapor Deposition Polymerization System

Organic/Inorganic Compound Deposition Systems
VEP Series

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VEP Series models are systems for deposition of various organic and inorganic materials by methods including evaporation, sputtering, plasma metallization and evaporation metallization. Process chambers can be freely selected to match the application.


  • System modules can be combined to create configurations ranging from single-function vacuum process chambers to multiple deposition chambers.
  • Enables a continuous series of vacuum processes.
  • Organic material applications enable selection of evaporation sources according to vapor pressure.
  • Can be upgraded in future by connecting additional process chambers as desired.


  • Molecular devices
  • Biosensors
  • Organic EL/semiconductors
  • Layer insulation films
  • Organic functional thin films


Series name VEP-1000 Series
Chamber material Stainless steel
Chamber size 350 x 650 mm (diameter x height)
Substrate size 2-inch diameter or 2 inches square
Evacuation system Oil diffusion pump or turbomolecular pump
Final pressure 10-4Pa max.
Substrate heating Maximum temperature : 250ºC
Substrate transfer Pneumatic horizontal transfer system

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