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CVD System

Carbon Nanotube Growth Experimenting System

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ULVAC developed the technique for growing carbon nanotube vertically and selectively on a substrate for the first time in the world. By using the microwave plasma CVD technique, ULVAC has succeeded in mass production of nanotubes with high purity. Drastic improvement of performance can be expected in many fields, including cells and storage of hydrogen.


  • Capability of growing nanotube vertically on a substrate
  • Capability of growing nanotube directly and selectively only in a specific metal portion on a glass substrate
  • Substrate temperature during growth is approx. 600ºC.


Maximum substrate size 4 inches in diameter
Footprint 3.5m × 1.7m × 2.1m (not including maintenance space)
AC power supply 200V ±10%
Duct tie-in NW25KF
Attenuating gas Nitrogen >10 SLM
Process gas tie-in VCR 6.35mm

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